BIOME-BioGeoChemistry (BIOME-BGC)

Biome-BGC is an ecosystem model that estimates fluxes and storage of energy, water, carbon, and nitrogen for the vegetation and soil components of terrestrial ecosystems. Processes accounted for are leaf growth, litterfall, sunlight interception, rainfall interception, snow accumulation, snowmelt, drainage of soil water, evaporation of water from soil and leaves, transpiration, photosynthetic carbon fixation, nitrogen uptake, allocation of carbon and nitrogen, decomposition of plant litter and soil organic mater, plant mortality and fireThe model uses a daily time-step.

Community Atmosphere Biosphere Land Exchange (CABLE)

CABLE is a land surface model used to calculate fluxes of momentum, energy, water and carbon between the land surface and the atmosphere and to model the major biochemical cycles of the land ecosystem. CABLE can be run as a standalone model for a single location or globally, or as part of an atmospheric model.