The Ecosystem Modelling Facility (EMF) is a small unit within CREAF specifically devoted to modelling activities, with special focus on the response of ecosystems to global change. EMF aims at becoming a meeting point for people (from CREAF and beyond) interested in developing or applying models to predict the response of terrestrial ecosystems to drivers of global change, both for research or knowledge transfer purposes.

What do we do?


Miquel de Cáceres
EMF Coordinator

I am mostly interested in the development of statistical and modeling approaches to understand the structure and functioning of terrestrial plant communities at scales ranging from the forest stand to landscapes and regions. My long-term goal in ecological modeling is to develop, promote and apply modeling frameworks to better understand and anticipate the response of forest ecosystems to global change drivers at the local to regional scales, with a strong focus on water-limited areas.

Roberto Molowny-Horas

I am a research technician at CREAF, located in the UAB campus (Spain). I graduated in Physics at ULL (Spain) in 1988 and received my PhD in Astrophysics in 1994 at ITA (Norway). I also obtained a master diploma in Remote Sensing and GIS from the IEEC (Spain) in 2003. My research areas include environmental sciences, forest ecology, applied statistics and mathematical ecology.

Víctor Granda-García
Data Scientist

Plant biologist turned into data scientist. Open source and open data enthusiast with a knack for programming in R.

Adriana Tovar-Rodríguez

Natural environment engineer with a master in terrestrial ecology. Passionate about forests ecosystems and concerned about global change. My goal is to contribute to the understanding of climate change effects on forest functioning to enhance the development of better management practices.