AusTraits, a curated plant trait database for the Australian flora

AusTraits synthesises data on 448 traits across 28,640 taxa from field campaigns, published literature, taxonomic monographs, and individual taxon descriptions. Traits vary in scope from physiological measures of performance (e.g. photosynthetic gas exchange, water-use efficiency) to morphological attributes (e.g. leaf area, seed mass, plant height) which link to aspects of ecological variation.

BROT 2.0: A functional trait database for Mediterranean Basin plants

BROT 2.0 is a database of pant functional traits for the Mediterranean Basin flora. It includes 25764 records of 44 traits from 2457 plant taxa distributed in 119 taxonomic families.


Realized climatic niches of vascular plants in European forest understoreys


Assists ecologists in the analysis of temporal changes of ecosystems, defined as trajectories on a chosen multivariate space, by providing a set of trajectory metrics and visual representations.

Fine Root Ecology Database

Observations of belowground plant traits, with a specific focus on fine roots

FLAMITS: A global database of plant flammability traits

Open access global database on plant flammability traits measured under laboratory conditions aiming to: (a) identify the diversity of methodologies to measure plant flammability under laboratory conditions; (b) standardize the associated terminology; and (c) find geographical, ecological, and taxonomic gaps in our knowledge on plant flammability.

Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA)

The FIA program delivers current, consistent, and credible information about the status of the United States’ forests.

FunAndes: A functional trait database of Andean plants

FunAndes contains data on 24 traits across 2,694 taxa, for a total of 105,466 entries. The database features plant-morphological attributes including growth form, and leaf, stem, and wood traits measured at the species or individual level, together with geographic metadata (i.e., coordinates and elevation).

Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation

High resolution laser ranging of Earth’s forests and topography from the International Space Station (ISS)

Global Forest Biodiversity Initiative

Global forest inventory data and services

Global Inventory of Floras and Traits (GIFT)

The Global Inventory of Floras and Traits - GIFT database is a global archive of regional plant checklists and floras and plant functional traits. It contains information about the floristic status of 368,580 species across 3,627 geographic regions. Functional trait information is available for 287,245 species and 109 traits