Global Runoff Data Center (GRDC)

The GRDC is an international archive of data up to 200 years old, and fosters multinational and global long-term hydrological studies. Originally established three decades ago, the aim of the GRDC is to help earth scientists analyse global climate trends and assess environmental impacts and risks.


HydroATLAS offers a global compendium of hydro-environmental sub-basin and river reach characteristics at 15 arc-second resolution.


HydroBASINS is a series of polygon layers that depict watershed boundaries and sub-basin delineations at a global scale.


HydroLAKES is a database aiming to provide the shoreline polygons of all global lakes with a surface area of at least 10 ha.


HydroRIVERS is a database aiming to provide the vectorized line network of all global rivers that have a catchment area of at least 10 km2 or an average river flow of 0.1 cubic meters per second, or both.